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This page is to showcase  current and upcoming projects along with Tombstones.

Current Projects Moratoriums Tombstones
Nekomimi, chan Malice in Wonderland Nekomimi, Neko (promo)
Wulf's Gate   The Winter Beast of Wisconsin (short)
Little Red Riding Hood (promo short quadrilogy)    

Little Red Riding Hood:  A uniqe Brother's Grimmesque telling of the tale.

NEKOMIMI, CHAN (Feature Length short video compilation): Emma, a curious young girl with a penchant for feline ears and tail, goes through many troubling situations. The situations occur due to a magical incident. This project is currently in pre-production.

Nekomimi, Neko, one of the sections of Nekomimi, Chan, has been shot once as a promo to raise capitol for the production of Nekomimi, Chan. Donations and investments are always welcome.

The Winter Beast of Wisconsin (Short Video): A Fictional documentary about a persons search for a mythalogical creature that helps lost children.

WULF'S GATE: What is going on? That has to be the question that the FBI and the Secret Service have to be asking themselves about Alfred ‘Wulf ’ Abington. A boy living in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. How can he command the attention and respect from the Army, FBI and the Secret Service, much less be on call for the President of the Unites States. His gate is the key, the answer to all of these questions. As one question gets answered more get uncovered, they all beg one big question. Why is he being hunted by Drider? (The screenplay is currently in development.) Book can be ordered at or at your local book store isbn #978-1-4500-5032--6 upc #9781450 050326 (72420)

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