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Little Red Riding Hood: (Talent promo shoot) 

If you are interested in working on this project please send me an email requesting details.  Email Subject:  

Red's What?!  I have just uploaded a manga of the first section called "Brulaap's Folly". It was made as a
promotional tool for this project.  It will also serve as the script and story board for the project.

At a recent talent scouting foray I mentioned prosthetics to some very talented actresses.  This is the type of prosthesis that I was referring to.




Nekomimi, chan CASTING CALL



Location                                                                               Time

Nekomimi, chan is being reworked.





Characters Needed


Emma- ~14yo, Christian, likes wearing cat ears (prefer actress to look young but be over 18)
Beth- ~15-17, fallen Christian, just beginning to dabble with magic, Emma's friend and tutor (prefer actress to look young but be over 18)
Teiko- ~14, boy in Emma's school, oriental/mixed heritage. (prefer actor to look young but be over 18)
Emma's Parent- Can be mom or dad 30 - 50+ yo
Principal  30 - 50+ yo
Teacher  25 – 50+ yo
Doctor   30 - 50+ yo
Veterinarian  30- 50+ yo
Nurse  30 - 50+ yo
Traveling Evangalist  30 - 50+ yo
Evangalists assistant   18 – 30+ yo
General Zarachi  45+ yo

stalker -(character is surveillance trained) 20+ yo

+extras  school kids through adult



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