Audition Etiquette


Wolfshaven Pictures


1. Arrive on time

Have the audition form filled out,if possible, to speed up the process.
This means, if the start time is 1:00 pm then be there no later than 1 pm.
The staff may not start calling people in until later. That is to ensure all
attendees have been signed in and a schedule created.

2. Communicate

A. If you cannot make it to an audition or at that time, the casting
representatives may be willing to work with you on a different time or
way of auditioning.

B. If you are not sure of where in a building the audition is being held
ask the buildings staff or a person who is checking out the audition
sign in sheets.

C. Talk to the other participants before the audition.

3. Sign in.

A. Locate a sign in sheet and fill it out. If there is no sign in sheet let the
event staff know you have arrived and follow their instruction's. The
purpose of the sign in is to inform the event staff who is there and
which parts are bring auditioned for. The information will be used to
adjust and tweak the events of the day.

B. The sign-in sheet's lines are numbered. Remember the line number that
you signed in on as you may be called by the number.

4. Follow the Staff's Directions.

The audition staff will not request anything that is illegal to the best of
their knowledge. Following their directions will help the event go
smoothly. (If the staff does request something illegal or questionable please
inform me at If the script requires
something you feel is unacceptable ask if you can do a different section
or politely excuse yourself from the audition.)


A. Prepare for the part you want to audition for but be willing to be flexible.
The staff may decide you fit a different part better.

B. For Wolfshaven Pictures auditions be prepared to do planned small reading and
cold reading of part of the script and a little acting. Plan on being on site
for the entire time. If the staff likes a participant they may be asked to
comeback in and read with a different group.


C. No one will be informed if they got the part that day. You will be
informed whether you got a part or not either by email or phone call. If
you do not hear a response by the date listed in the casting call notice
please contact us and we will be happy to let you know if you are have
been chosen.

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